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You are Logan, a night security guard. Tonight seems like another boring work night, yet as you watch TV, the lights go out. When you go to investigate what has happened, things start to get a little strange, for some reason the front door closes and you get trapped, maybe you are not alone there?

Night Guard is a short horror game with retro style, based on the 80s.

PS: This is an intro to a complete game.

Do you want more? Try Deadly Night!


Move: WASD
Look around: Mouse
Interact: E, Left Click
Pause: ESC

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Night Guard 1.3.1 (Windows).zip 27 MB

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Why can't maintenance keep the stupid lights on? I swear, and where do these baby things come from? Night security is getting weirder by the day. Good job with this though.


Very dark surroundings and its very scary as a night guard roaming around in a parking lot. Overall good game.

Thank you!


Lit game ngl-






I really liked the atmosphere. Looking forward to the full game :)

Thanks for playing and sharing the video!


I enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the sound design :)

Jumpscare got me as well!

Full Intro playthrough below:

Thank you for playing and sharing the video!

Loved it! Gave me alot of chills! 



Olá, sou brasileiro e gostei bastante do jogo! adoro jogo estilo 80s estou a espera de mais jogos como este! Parabéns e abraço do Brasil :D

Thank you for playing this game too!

why do my downloads keep getting deleted

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It seems like this happens to more people (I've googled it), some people talk about Windows Defender, antivirus, etc. Apparently it only happens to them in itchio, don't know why :S

You can find post like this on google

I made an account to say that this game absolutely blew my mind. the sound design is incredible. quiet, echoey footsteps with no music. it genuinely scared me. I cant wait to get the full version.

Thank you so much, glad to hear that!


very nice job mate, i can't wait for the full release

Thanks! Hope you try Deadly Night too!


this was a lot of fun but I'm looking forward to you finishing deadly night that game has crazy potential i was hooked just from the demo well done!

Again, thank you so much!

i see the doll in the car and no is gone what a short game (night guard)

Yeah, it's short but it's a demo, I hope you enjoyed!


very cool game, i loved this. the end got me lmao 

Thank you, nice gameplay!

No problem, and thanks also!

Creepy little game, loved it!!

Great, thank you!!

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Comments below clip;

I appreciate it when the horror game itself can make me laugh and smile. I liked the end, because I didn’t see it coming. A short demo, but a sweet one while at it. I found it a bit dark, as the range of the flashlight was very limited, but this being a horror game, it just needs such a thing. I loved the music and the sparsity of lots of sounds/FX, as it makes everything way more creepy. I really enjoyed playing it and thank all involved for letting it [the game] see the light of day. Kudos to all. Looking forward to a full version of Night Guard [in game, I almost refer to it as Night Watch, but that’s a famous painting :o]

Thank you very much for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the game. If you are interested in, you can check out my new project "Deadly Night".

By the way, beautiful photos you take, I like them!

@ Cubyte Games,

Deadly Nights: "The game is still in development but the demo (the intro/first part of the game) is coming soon!"

I'll patiently wait for the demo to be released.

They say 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.' Fortunately, I see beauty where ever I look. Thus, even your horror games come with their own, personal charm :o]

Keep 'em coming!



Nice Game!!!




This game was short, sweet, and to the point. I love that you chose your sounds carefully; music at certain points, sounds in the distance that made me not want to approach. It was unsettling, especially because the setting itself is not large, and I had the anxiety of thinking where would I run at a moment's notice if I needed to. Well done and I'm excited that this is part of a larger game!

Thank you so much! You can check out my new project "Deadly Night", the demo will be available in a few days

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A wonderful little horror game set in psx style graphics where things start off quite ordinary but then takes a real turn into the world of creepy!

 The game although short is really fun to play and has quite the surprise ending , it is always great to see what ideas creators come up with!

Woah, thanks, I'm glad to hear that!

Hope you play the full game when it comes out :D


Yours is the first game I play in the 3 scary games video, safe to say I never want to go into security for a job. Great game! Check out my video

Thanks for playing the game and sharing the video!

Played in it my 3 scary games series, pretty sPoOkY ._.



Check out my playthrough

Thank you, hope you enjoyed!

Played this game on my channel. I  have a Friend Who works as a security guard so he recomended it to me. Good Game :)


Thanks for playing! The latest update fixes grammar errors, I hope you enjoyed the demo!

Wait It's a demo. I'm very interested to see how this is going then :)

Played this game halfway in my series and i loved the Suspense it brought.


Thanks! this is a demo, I hope you will play the full game when it comes out

Definitely looking forward to it!


This was a neat intro and the jump scare got me pretty good. I'm interested to see where to story goes in the full version! (If you're interested, I tried putting my thoughts together about the intro at the end of the video)


Thanks for the video and the feedback, I really appreciate it (it helps me improve!).

The final game will be improved in every way, including this intro.

el juego se cuelga nada mas empezar :/

Comprueba si el juego te ha generado un archivo de errores en el mismo directorio donde lo hayas descomprimido, si es así, puedes enviarlo a support@cubytegames.com junto a las especificaciones de tu equipo para que pueda revisarlo


i dont what it is about these types of games but they just scare me more than the popular horror games do. But let me just say the music in this lit coz i was just dancing to it 

Glad to hear that! thanks for playing and for the dance! :D


These short, PS1 style horror games creep me the hell out and this one got me good. Awesome work! 


Thank you, I see you played it on Twitch. I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


Thanks for stopping by! I'll be following you for any future projects. Great job again!

I Don't Know Why But This Game Sounds Like It Could Be A FNAF Fan Game

Maybe because of the start of the game, or the UI sounds

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i played this game whith my little sister, we can't sleep anymore


Hope you both enjoyed the game! Sweet dreams :D

I hate that there's one part that caught me mid sentence and shut me up😂😡! But all in all, I like this game and if you wanna see how I acted during it....here ya go

A "meal kit" lol I liked the video! Thanks for playing!

I uhhh.....I thought it said somthin else😅😂nd thnks for watching and liking the video😎✊🏾

Very Good! I enjoyed this a lot. The feeling of being locked somewhere alone without an escape and no clue what was happening, very unsettling.

Maybe using duct tape to shut up the baby isn't such a bad idea hahaha. Nice video, thanks for playing!

My gameplay. This game is very good.

Thank you so much remember this is only an intro!

I am grateful for having made a nice game. Waiting for more <3

The first game in my 3 Scary games! Really good job!

Thank you so much!

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Muito legal, aguardarei mais jogos do criador, gosto de ficar por dentro da história que se passa!

Vídeo programado para o dia 09/09.


Obrigado! I like the video. You can check my twitter to see things about the new project :D

Nice game, I loved the vibe of it.

Do you need someone to translate the game to Portuguese(Brazil)?

If yes, send me an email: gustavobacelo@gmail.com

Thank you!

About translate the game, it could be nice, I really appreciate it!

The game is not quite that scary, but still slightly unnerving. Definitely have the mysterious vibe to it and the pixelated style just makes it better. Although the game is a bit short and I didn't get to watch the full movie at the start of the game, quite a bummer. Still love it tho, 7/10 game. I made a video checking the game out as well: 


Thanks! remember this is the introduction to a complete game.

Again, thanks for playing and thanks for make the video!

Definitely got me! Well worth the time and I love the retro style of the game. Great work!

Really liked this game... super scary..love it! Thank you

also ran very smoothly on my trash PC!! Amazing

The game was intended to run on almost any PC :D

Thank you for playing!

Played this on stream and really enjoyed it, very well made. Here's my funny moments from the game (Starts 5:38 PLEASE CHECK OUT)


Nice video, I'm glad to know you enjoyed the game, hope your audience did too!

Thanks for playing!

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