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You are Logan, a night security guard. Tonight seems like another boring work night, yet as you watch TV, the lights go out. When you go to investigate what has happened, things start to get a little strange, for some reason the front door closes and you get trapped, maybe you are not alone there?

Night Guard is a short horror game with retro style, based on the 80s.

PS: This is an intro to a complete game.


Move: WASD
Look around: Mouse
Interact: E, Left Click
Pause: ESC

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Updated 12 days ago
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(134 total ratings)
AuthorCubyte Games
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Retro, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Castilian, Spanish; Latin America
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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I loved the game!keep it up :)

And private respect to place in game ps1 styled Audi 80, iam a owner and fan of this model, did you have it car or there is another reason to choose this?


I don't have one, but a person close to me does, I made the model thinking a bit about his car

Sorry for my english, not good in it, and sent to your close person respect for his/her choose.


Its amazing! You should go on and no stop. Unique and very accurate game, waiting for full version of Deep HUM, you are very talanted!


Thank you very much, your words are very encouraging! The Deep HUM will be released later this year


Foi uma baita coincidência saber que esse jogo é do mesmo desenvolvedor de Deadly Night(jogo que finalizei antes de conhecer este). Espero que curtam a gameplay abaixo.

(Gravado e postado em Outubro de 2022)

Gameplay em PT-BR


good job with the spooky atmosphere dev :)


this game make's me feel so pressed, and i love it this feling

it was very explicit at the end but well made game

i loved the layout and design,we need more of this

Barney Caulhoun!

Well executed horror with no cheap jumpscares, I appreciate that in a game a lot. Eerie and great visual style.

you got me. multiple times. awesome :) 

It's got just the right amount of scary, there were some tense moments but it was very enjoyable. Great game!


Not funny game I do not know what in this terrible I think that with broken hands hitting the head on the keyboard I would do it not much better music builds a little tension but generally suck,It would be useful to at least some jumpscare :)

I'm definitely intrigued by this game. It left me with a couple of questions. Can't wait to see the final product. Great job!

well made and very scary.i highly recommend.

We need more security

Well executed horror with no cheap jumpscares, I appreciate that in a game a lot. Eerie and great visual style.

This was a really fun game!

good game

Pretty neat! I'm interested to see the full game!


Creepy asf, loved it!


This game was just way 2 scary especially when the doll got killed but i liked and it sent shivers down my collarbone

Good job!


I really enjoyed this game ! i loved the art style of it and found it really enjoyable to play , I hope for a full version to be released soon !

Super interesting game! I was surprised with how well you did the environment. For a short demo it sure made me uneasy. I really liked the doll as well, it made it so unsettling to find it in the trunk. Really well made, I need to get my hands on the full version LOL nice work :)


Glad you enjoyed it!


i love this game and run with 2229292fps in my shit notebook this game is very good has very good optimisation


well made and very scary.i highly recommend.

Well executed horror with no cheap jumpscares, I appreciate that in a game a lot. Eerie and great visual style.


Going back through my backlog recording, I really liked this! Excited for Deadly NIght!

Full Play No Commentary

I enjoyed this game a lot! Looking forward to the full thing! Definitely spooked me at the end. 

Love every second of this game , i need the full story now!!!- hek i even made a video about it amazing work tbh!

i hope we will get the full game soon 

very spoopy, makes me wonder when the full game is gonna come out :

This Game Is Awesome! Check Out My Playthrough!!

Damn Man My Character Run at 2kmph,slower then turtle.BTW loved the game tho.

10:57 - 18:15 (No Commentary)

Loved the idea of the game. Definitely recommend it if you're interested. If you wanna see a play through, here's mine:

Cool game here's a speedrun

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