Night Guard 1.1.1 (Update)


I have updated Night Guard to version 1.1.1:


  • The scene brightness has been increased slightly.
  • A circle graphic has been added in the center of the screen.
  • The sound of the final scene has been improved.
  • Now you can also interact with “left click”.
  • The street has been improved (it is no longer a city image).


Night Guard 1.1.1 (Windows).zip 27 MB
Jun 02, 2021

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Hey, is it possible to invert the y-axis? I've been refunding indie horrors left and right because nobody wants to include basic features. I simply never learned non-inverted play. Doom was with keyboard and from Quake onwards, I always used the standard setting, which was inverted. Thanks in advance!

I'm working on a new update that includes this feature, it is coming soon, thank you!

Now you can invert the Y-axis in the latest version of the game, hope you enjoy the game!