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Hellloo im a small youtuber trying to follow my dreams so if you could please check this video out and leave me some feedback I would GREATLY appreciate it! This game was well made and i really loved the art style!

Thank you so much and good luck with your youtube channel!

Thank you! The game was fun!

Short creepy story. The biggest fear someone can have, watching a horror movie and having scary thoughts later, only in this case his night as a guard becomes a horror night.

Hope you enjoyed the game!

Yes, of course!

I just finished your game and I gotta say I loved it! Wish it was a bit longer I also have so many questions but yeah. It was very good, thank you for making it :)

Thanks to you for playing it!

Simple but creepy and with just the right amount of atmosphere to make you think twice about doing night shifts alone.


Firstly, what an incredible little game! The tension was fantastic!! But secondly, please allow the game to run windowed. I realize not everyone has one, but trying to run this on a 5120x1440 display was a NIGHTMARE. But I have to say, I'm so glad I got it, absolutely phenomenal.

I hadn't thought of those kinds of screen sizes, I'll add those options in the next few days, thanks for the feedback!

Half of the AAA industry doesn't even think about this screen size haha! But honestly just adding a "Windowed" feature makes it so much nicer on our end. Monitors of this size are few and far between, so if you do decide to add some sort of support for it let me know and I'd be happy to test it out for you!

Thanks! I really appreciate it.

I have updated the game to the version 1.3.0, now you can switch between fullscreen (not exclusive window anymore) and windowed modes, also you can change the game resolution before play.

I just tried it, I see the resolution! But the UI is scaled horizontally and so it all stacks on top of each other :/ I don't entirely know what the solution is here? Like I said I've already played the game and it is phenomenal! So if you decide to continue to try and figure it out then by all means and from everyone with this kind of monitor I say THANK YOU! But please don't do it if it's just frustrating you. But with that said, if you do decide to, and want someone to test it out whenever, just shoot me a message and I'll be happy to take another look :)

I have done tests simulating the resolution of your screen, I can fix the UI but there is a problem with the camera. The game is not designed for that resolution and the screen only shows 50% of the scene (in high), the method I'm using to simulate the "low res" effect doens't support a solution, I am very sorry :C

I'm working on a solution to use in my next games and the full version of Night Guard, it should avoid problems like this.

I was expecting a jump scare and did not get one! 🤣 That said, it was extremely creepy and didn't need to rely on jumpscares to be frightening! I really liked that about this game. The ending was unsatisfying as another poster said. However, since it's going to be the intro to another game, that's not an issue. I really enjoyed this and can't wait to see your finished game. Nice job!

Thanks for playing the game! (the full game will have an enhanced version)


Is there anyway to play in windowed mode?

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You can use the command prompt (Windows + R) and launch the game with this parameter: -screen-fullscreen 0

"game_folder\Night Guard.exe" -screen-fullscreen 0

Where "game_folder" is the path where you have the unzipped game.


Hola probe el juego y estuvo bueno, aqui dejo mi video probandolo, gracias 

Gracias a ti!

Congratulations... your game was also published on the channel...

I'll steal you 2 minutes to check it out and if you like to sign up!

Until next time


Scared the 5h!t out of me even without the stupid jumpscares



Thanks! I think jumpscares are not necessary for a game to be scary

Very interesting, but short indie horror, I liked it)



I hope you enjoyed the game!

This Was A Solid Game Good job


Pretty great! Atmospheric and interesting. Very nicely stylized, the environment looks great. No filler and to the point spooks. Great work. :}


Thanks for the video!

no problem anytime brother

Loved it! Unexpectedly creepy and the music was spot on!

Thanks for those words! Glad to see you enjoyed the game!

it was really good

This game was very spooky! I liked the style and it was a nice short horror experience to say the least. Good job dev!


Thank you so much!

i like the ending of the game

Thank you very much!

no lo pueden poner sin descargar el juego no tengo espacio en mi p#nche pc >:v

No por el momento, aunque no es descartable. Gracias por el interés!

jugar en browser

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Seems like a fantastic set-up with an unfortunately abrupt and unsatisfying ending. Great job with the audio and the atmosphere though. I hope to see more.


This game is an intro of another game, the final one will have two parts, this intro (an improved one) and the game. Thanks for the comments and nice video!

Pretty scary definitely made me feel uneasy.

I'm glad to hear that! Thanks!

Really nice game but too short. :)

Thanks! I'm glad you liked the game!


Thanks, nice gameplay!

Add setting option


Graphic quality, resolution etc

The game starts with the native screen resolution, the pixelated effect is done on purpose, it's part of the style of the game (the same with the textures and lighting), so I have not included those kinds of settings because I think they are not necessary

This game is cool even though its short and not very long but still i recommend someone to play it its a dope retro 80s vibe horror themed game.

Thanks for playing the game!

yoo man keep making games bro .

awesome game, I love it. pretty short but still awesome!

Thank you so much!

This was pretty good! A nice little bite of horror with a great atmosphere and buildup of tension leading to the end!

I have enjoyed watching your video, thanks!

Loved the game. I made a video about it

Thank you so much!

Deleted 2 years ago

I don't know why you can't see almost anything in your first monitor, have you tried to change the "gamma"? (bottom right when on the title screen).

Deleted 2 years ago

Great work I really loved this game.


Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and keep up the great work!

I'm writing down many things that I can improve in future games, you're right about the flashlight, it looks like a simple "point light" in front of you, annoted!

Thanks for helping me improve!


Gave the game a Let's Play and my thoughts/feedback 


Thanks for the gameplay video! I really appreciate your words about the game. Night Guard is the introduction to an upcoming game, it's one of the reasons I decided to keep it short. The next game will be better and longer.


Really a good game
Give me a goosebumps especially for the doll XD

Here my gameplay in Malay and English

Greetings from Malaysia (。・∀・)ノ゙


I'm glad to know that you liked the game, greetings to Malaysia!

Show post...

short creepy

Hope you enjoyed the game!

Great atmosphere. Love the retro visuals. 


Note to developer: Review starts from 7:37.

Thanks for the review! There are certainly many things that can be improved, but I tried to keep the game as simple as possible. As you mentioned in the video, the game is too short, that's why you cannot run. The game has only two objects with a real interaction, so I think the player doesn't need an inventory system in a game where there are not too many things to store and use.

About the video, I see black lines that hides some UI texts in the title screen, is it due to recording or does the game look like this when you run it?

Thank you very much for making this game, it's really a lot there then I saw the first time. 
About the video, you know YouTube, trying to grab attention and that's why I used the voice and filter on the game. It runs perfectly, you should be proud, amazing game. Keep going and I am looking forward for your new project! 

Thank you again!

I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!!

My only complaint is that the game was too short, the setup is very simple but effective. The surroundings sets up the tone perfectly something about it being grainy and retro was very appealing. I like how the game gives objectives instead of wondering around not knowing what to do. It got me scared specially that one jumpscare. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE GAME. Try it it's good stuff.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad to hear that you enjoyed the game!

The animation are so good and the general ambiance was on point, hopefully you do an resident evil like door opening too ! 

Thanks! the animations (cutscenes) are inspired by resident evil.

Wow Man What A nice Game. It Felt Like Real.Great Work.

and Also A question why it killed security guard.A serial killer?

The security guard is alive, so you can hear someone dragging his body. And you are right! the unknown guy who hit you is a serial killer (this character will appear in a future game).

Thanks for playing the game, I hope you enjoyed it!

Waiting For the next Game...I Loved It

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