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hi! does this have jumpscares?

Not really, but the ending uses something similar

okay, thank you! i will try the game!

Glad I could finally live out my dream as a night guard! Really unsettling atmosphere and game! Loved the game, looking forward to more of your stuff! 

Thanks! more games are coming. I had so much fun with the video and now I want a mustache like yours!


Thank you very much!



Thanks for playing the game! I hope you enjoyed

Night Guard had a weird twist with a kidnapping and scary babies. This was a great game. The second game in the video! 



Its been a while since I last played any games and im glad I played this. I love the atmosphere making me feel unsafe even when the lights were on. Great job. It also tapped into my inner fear of dolls 

Thanks for playing and nice video!

ainda não joguei estou baixando,e o jogo completo ou e o beta  ?

The game is complete, but this is only an intro of another game (not developed yet)

hello your game was a part of a 3 random horror games.

Your game starts at 18.57. This was a good game and I enjoyed it. Big mystery at the end. Thank you for making this.

Thank you for playing!

interesting game, i enjoyed it.

Thank you!

I loved the game; however, sometimes a bit of a jump scare is needed, or even just a shadow figure that vanishes when you look at it because I didn't feel scared knowing nothing was actually there to get me. I've always taken "out of sight, out of mind" to heart because it's true, if you don't see anything then what is there to fear?

You are right, the game experience can be improved, I am learning a lot thanks to all your comments, the full game will be better.

Thank you for playing and the tips!

Deleted 22 days ago

Thanks for playing!

Scary!! lol

The graphics are great. The controls were easy to use. The atmosphere and the tension build up was also great. It's pretty straight forward... maybe some more twists and turns would've heightened the sense of unease and mystery. But still 10/10!

Wow, thank you very much!I'm glad to know that you liked it!

For a short horror game it was pretty good! A little more jump scares and fast movement speed would've been better but overall it's well made and I had fun playing it! 

PS. Put timestamp for the games played in the video!


Thanks for playing! The character cannot run because the game is too short, if you run, you can surely complete it in about 3 minutes, but this is an intro, the full game will be longer and better!

Now that I think about it, you're right. Looking forward to the full game release! 

Pretty good, a bit too short for me personally but still enjoyed it, maybe would have liked a jump scare here or there but really liked the odd little footsteps plus the breathing was pretty terrifying! Great Job!

Thanks and nice video! I love the reaction when the killer breathes down your neck, I think you use headphones with surround, don't you?

I'm glad you did! That was terrifying, I genuinely thought someone was behind me! Yeah surround sound headphones, sometimes I wish I didn't use them lol


This was a great horror game, the ending got me good!


Pretty spooky, lots of close corners without resorting to jumpscares. nice.

Thanks for playing, I love the video btw xD

Dobra kratka horror igrica, nadam se da će još ovakvih izaći, zvučni efekti su odlični i sami efekti cijele igrice, sretno na daljnoj gradnji!


Thank you very much!

What an Awesome game you made


That Was Fun Please More This..

Thanks for playing! the full game will come out later

You did so much without jumpscares and made everything super creepy which made the environment spot on! The darkness was thick and enveloping and the story that unfolded while seemed random, was pretty entertaining. The game looked and felt great and was very fun to play!

Nice to hear that, thank you!

Great short and sweet game! Amazing job building the atmosphere. My only real problem would be that it was so short - and although it did just fine with its length - it could've used some more story or just explaining what even comes after us at the end. However, as I said, it's short and sweet and does exactly what it needs to do. Overall a great quick game to pick up if you're craving that horror game experience and fun to play through!

Thank you very much!

This is an intro, the complete game will have two parts, this intro (an expanded and improved version) and the "game itself".

great looking game not really scary but its interesting

Thanks! It will be improved in the full version

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks for playing!

Buen juego, cumple muy bien el dar miedo y sin necesidad de jumpscares.

Gracias! Esa era la idea, crear algo un poco más orientado al terror psicológico que al "susto fácil"


This game was AWESOME, keep up the great work homie!

It's a perfect short horror experience about 8 minutes long but it does so much in that amount of time. I'd recommend this on a dark night!  

Thanks for playing!

Deleted 32 days ago

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed!

Good atmosphere, nice short storyline.


Short and Brilliant horror games

Thank you!

this was really fun! the ending scared the crap out me haha, also, will you guys be adding more to the game, i feel like it has potential to do more with it. over this was really good for a short game, keep up the great work familia :D


This game is an intro, in the full game you will discover what is happening (but we will have to wait a little longer, first I have to finish another project)

Thanks for playing, I like the video!

looking forward to the continuation, also another game project? also thank you familia i appreciate it :D

I had chills the ENTIRE TIME! Very suspenseful and great game!

Thanks and nice video! About the blood, it's not from the baby doll, there is a really macabre story behind the game, all questions will be answered in the full game!

Awesome I'll most definitely be playing the full game!

game good :)

but my screen recorder will bug sound oof LOL



A brilliant example of a horror game. While being short doesn't fail to gradually build suspense leading to climax an an open ending without relying on jump scares. 
It is also a nice touch that the character doesn't just grab random stuff until they actually need it.

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the game!


Really cool little horor game



Nice short horror game loved the ending and the 80's feel, can't wait to see more and thanks :)

Thank you!


Fantastic short horror game, not reliant on jumpscares but genuinely creepy. Great sense of suspense and mood, there is an eerie buildup but the ending leaves me with more lingering questions than real answers.

It is amazing how many indie games on itch.Io do so much that is clever and genuinely scary with the horror genre, and it seems that's why arguably my weakest asset pack (the blood spray pack) is by far the most downloaded thing I have ever posted on

That and, it is free. But if that is what the gamedevs here want (horror stuff) I will happily make more of that. It is clearly a huge phenomenon here on itch!

So I will be posting a major update to that free asset pack in the next few days with more disturbing horror elements. As in, more gore, blood, body-horror stuff. And some general-purpose horror-genre visual elements. - my itch profile - the blood spray pack that I'm about to update.

BTW I also have some small indie games in the works - not just gamedev asset packs. But so far, most of what I've posted is game assets for game creators. Hope to offer more of both in the next few months... often available for free. If anybody's interested.

Had all the elements needed for a good horror game and the build up was perfect.

Thanks for playing! dolls that make noises can be very creepy


This was a great short horror game! I like that even though it's short, it had this nice build up to everything! It was really well done! 

Thank you so much, nice video!

No problem!! Glad you enjoyed it! 

Cool little horror game, not overly scary

Thank you for playing!

top 10 horror game worlds i dont wanna be in. 

#1 Night Guard. 

Hope you enjoyed playing the game!

it was the perfect length because my smol brain cant handle long games anymore!

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