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Deadly Night is a survival horror where you play as Carol, a hitchhiker. You arrive at a small roadside motel overnight. You are tired and the bus won't arrive until morning, so you ask for a room to sleep. The motel owner doesn't seem like a normal person, his questions make you feel uncomfortable. Later you discover something disturbing there, but when you think you know what is going on, something changes everything...


Do you think the Motel was a nightmare? Hell no, it was just the beginning. The murderer's sweet home is waiting for you... Try to get out of there or die.


  • Atmospheric sound effects.
  • Amazing low-budget environment.
  • The very best low quality graphics from a time that is long gone!
  • Pixelated effect to simulate low screen resolution (can be disabled).
  • Multiple endings.
  • Run and use the environment to hide.
  • An AI that will turn everything into a nightmare...
  • Gamepad support, just plug&play!

Don't forget to rating the game, feedback is so welcome!

Remember to enable "NSFW mode" if you are streamer or youtuber!

(The demo doesn't have some features like the arcade)


Deadly Night DEMO (v1.0.4).zip 50 MB

Development log


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Love this! The slow build-up and plot were intriguing. Will do a let's play of full game someday!

cant wait for the full release. there was just alot going on in this game

Really strong atmosphere. Love the motel music and the television.

I am a 3d modeler and I would like to talk to you, could you give me an email or preferably some other way to communicate with you?

I had so much fun guys! Im NOT typically horror guy and still I loved the vibe! Looking great so far excited for more!

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This game was crazy, can't wait for the full version! I had a great time playing this on stream too. Here's my funny gameplay (PLEASE CHECK OUT)

Loved this game wish it was longer cos it was amazing.


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Played this game a few days ago, I am excited to see where the story goes, I am hoping for some stealth elements as well as a way to take "offense" against our attacker!

I really enjoyed the demo and can't wait for the game to be completed.

Enjoyed it alot, animation is kinda quick but everything else is amazing 

As expected from Cubyte! Great demo as always <3

this was relly fun, a little messed but it made great for a story and game, keep up the great work familia!

Be Sure to Watch till the end and SUBSCRIBE my channel!

I wanna Reach 1000 SUBS!

A kind motel owner.

When Will This Be A Full Game Cubyte? Loved it!


really good i enjoyed it a lot. it reminded me a lot of the night shift by puppet combo 

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Very well made and the style of the game are perfect for old time gamers from the lost times. I can't wait for the full release! I'm definitely purchasing this game the time and day of the release highly recommend this! 

leave a like, comment and subscribe entirely your choice ENJOY!

WOW! Well made game indeed. I definitely liked the style  of game play. I did a few editing cause I wanted to see the uncut version lol. Game here: 

 Please subscribe !!

The game was interesting and neat! I can see the game having potential to be something even more than what it is right now in the full version when it comes out.

Another amazing game! Truly loved the atmosphere and the setting for this, super creepy stuff. Can鈥檛 wait for the full game! 

Thank you so much for playing! :D

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Neat game! Had a fun time trying it out and recording it. Looking forward to more development. Good stuff devs!

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan


The arcade machine is not available in the demo. I think I'll change the way the character runs in the full version, so many people hates the current one lol

Thanks for playing!


Only one Word. Epic! :) 5/5

Dang! what a great score, thank you so much! Nice gameplay!

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Few thoughts: 

-Like that you have flavor text prompts scattered throughout demo, great way to add character to the environment and the protagonist.

-Strafe and walk speed feel too slow, maybe consider speeding them up just a bit.

-having to go to the menu everytime you want to use an item feels cumbersome. Consider adding a use item button you can use outside of the menu.

-small nitpick but room markers on the doors are one of those little visual details that matter, having to examine them and read a text blurb just to see what room it is are one of those little things that will hurt the player's immersion.

-Your dialogue is somewhat off to a native english speaker, I mean no offense just being honest.

-The scenario you used to get the player back into her room at the end to discover the body felt kind of contrived but perhaps your protagonist is very foolish.

-The leadup to the ending where the killer captures the protagonist was not very convincing. She runs into the road, stops completely, and then the killer from much farther away sonic speeds his way to catch her. Maybe she sprains her ankle jumping out that window and you have a chase segment where she's gradually overtaken by the killer, maybe when she's leaving her hotel room he's outside her door, as examples.

It's obvious that some things can be improved, but the game is intended to be like a "series b" old movies" (more or less). About the inventory menu, I like it and it's necessary in the full version.

The "room markers" will be added in the full version (it is in the "todo list").

About the english, don't worry, it's not an offense at all!, that's because I'm not a native english speaker, anyway, most of the texts were translated by a professional

Thanks for those tips, any comments or feedback are welcome!

Nice game the last part give me chills. It would be nice to be able to prove something from the kidnapper's house.

The house is intended to be played in the full version only :D

Thank you for playing and sharing the video!

any release date yet?

January or February if all goes well

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Amazing Demo!

one of the better horror games I've played this year. i had alittle trouble getting the shower to cut on maybe the hit box was too far. 

 Please leave a Like and Subcribe so i can reach my goal of 1,000 subs.

thank you very much

Thank you!! About the shower, I'll check it out


This game was awesome and the plot twist was amazing !! good job :D

Btw I'm trying to reach 40 subs so if you enjoyed the video it would mean the world to me if you'd consider subscribing to my channel :)

Thank you so much, I hope you play the full version when it comes out!


Finally got to play this... 


Thanks for playing! I hope you enjoyed!


I loved this game and night guard too! I loved the easter egg and I'm huge fan of your games. Thanks as always for making this a success!


I have seen that at the beginning you could not interact with the environment, you really could not or were you not clicking?

Thanks for playing!!

I'm not so sure. I feel like in the beginning that was   my fault but the part where you escape through the air vent  I couldn't click anywhere there.      When I   clicked   on  the ceiling specifically it worked.   Also grabbing the chair seemed difficult too so I hope that helps you in some way


I write it down, thank you so much and sorry for those bugs '-_-


That's ok the was still so much fun and you put in a lot of work. Thank you again  and I cant wait to see more from you :D


I cant say that I got scared but I am really excited to see what comes of this! The sprinting is kind of weird but aside from that I have zero complaints and I love whats here. looking forward to what you put out! its not in the video but i saw uncensored Carol and dang girl.the audio clipping is from my capture card, the game runs smooth and the audio is very nice.

You can only run forward, I'll probably change the sprint system to one more FPS like.

Thank you so much for playing, hope to see you again when the full game comes out!


Loved it! Only issue was a buggy sprint but, that resolved after entering the motel room. Looking forward to the full release~

You were crouching down, I think it got stuck when pausing the game but it should be solved pressing the "crouch" button again, I'll check it out.

Thank you so much for playing!



look who decided to play this Joint!
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Thanks for sharing it :D

Nice. I will Play the full version for sure. great job

Thank you!

Deleted 4 days ago

Thanks for the review. About age I agree but for some reason the last time I marked the game as "sensitive content" the page stopped displaying it :S sorry for that.

Thanks for sharing the video!


THIS GAME WAS SUPER FUN, me and my twin brother played it and we cant wait for  the full game <3 if you guys like the video plz like and share

I really have enjoyed the video, thank you so much for playing!


This game was very fun and got STRAIGHT to the point. Overall lmk when the full game is released!


The murderer's house doesn't have such a strong languag lol

Thank you for playing!


Hell of a demo! I'm definitely buying this game when it releases 馃敟 Not sure I got the nsfw mode to work tho. Other than that it was a BANGER


I have to change the text "NSFW" because it is very confusing, in the video you have it enabled, that's why you have seen Carol in her underwear and blurry VHS

Thank you so much!


Nice retro style slasher demo that can rival the puppet combo games! Will definitely purchase when the full game drops. Nice


"A pizza" hahaha, I have to fix that graphic glitch. I'm glad you like the game!

Thank you so much, I like the video!


Lmaoooo yea either pizza or guts I thought it was gonna be something creepy but guess not haha. And thanks for checking my vid out! 

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